“HYGIENIZING Personal Care” Take Care of Yourself, Be Clean, Be Safe, Be Healthy more & more people are adopting minimalistic Clean-Care routines… simple, responsible, functional hygiene for you and your family

Hygienizing Dermoprotective All-Over Skin & Body Care. Formulated with 100% Biocompatible Active Ingredients, Natural Extracts, Oils and Surfactants with Antiviral and Antioxidant properties to help reduce the bacterial and viral load and their transmission.

Intensive DETOX hygienizing, decontaminating, nutrient and protective unisex personal care. The MIOMIO products purify, removing waste, oily deposits, external polutants and contaminants with energizing and antiseptic effects. The skin is hygienized and oxygenated stimulating the microcirculation for invigorated cellular reproduction and turnover for a more attractive glowing complextion