“HYGIENIZING Personal Care” Take Care of Yourself, Be Clean, Be Safe, Be Healthy more & more people are adopting minimalistic Clean-Care routines… simple, responsible, functional hygiene for you and your family..

Hygienizing Dermoprotective Hair & Scalp Care Formulated with 100% Biocompatible active ingredients and Natural Surfactants, they help to reduce the bacterial and viral load on the hair and scalp avoiding their transmission.

Intensive DETOX hygienizing, decontaminating and invigorating hair and scalp care. The MIOMIO products purify, removing product buildup, keratinized particles, external polutants and contaminants with purifying and antiseptic effects on the skin. The scalp is hygienized and oxigenated stimulating the micro circulation promoting hair growth whilst the hair becomes full of lightness and volumme, soft, shiny and elastic.